The TACT requires no advanced  face-to-face training. When a student with concussion, trauma or COVID returns to the classroom, the teacher can be directed to complete the TACT survey (takes no more than 5 minutes) and 4 weeks of concussion, trauma or COVID academic supports will be delivered to the teacher’s inbox!

Try the TACT for “Real-Time” Training!

Cover your individual student Return to Learn post-Concussion/Trauma/COVID  liability by training each teacher in “real-time” using the TACT.

Schools that want to be proactive and train an ENTIRE staff on concussions in 20 minutes can purchase the 15 minute video on Return to Learn post-Concussion
5 minutes of “on-the-spot” TACT !

Cover your School-wide Return to Learn post-Concussion/Trauma/COVID liability by training your entire staff using the Teacher Training video + TACT

Due to the significant amount of stress on students post-pandemic, the biggest request has been to develop teacher trainings for Trauma. Using the same easy 15 minute video training followed by the “on-the-spot” TACT (which customizes academic guidance for teachers) and delivers that guidance via 4 weeks of emails and Tip Sheets, GetSchooled is able to meet the need to train hundreds of teachers on trauma without them even leaving their classrooms! Contact us  to order your Trauma Training today!
The request for COVID trainings have decreased since the pandemic has winded down. However, COVID trainings are still available in the same easy way format – a 15 minute video + “on-the-spot” TACT.