The TACT requires no advanced  face-to-face training. When a student with concussion returns to the classroom, 4 weeks of concussion/academic supports will be delivered to the teacher’s inbox! The “Real-Time” TACT supports your student with a concussion immediately AND it serves to train the teacher(s) too!

Cover your individual student Return to Learn post-concussion liability by training each teacher in “real-time” using the TACT.

Cover your district/school-wide Return to Learn post-concussion liability by training your entire staff in 20 minutes using the Teacher Training plus the “on-the-spot” TACT.

Schools that want to be proactive and train an ENTIRE staff on concussions in 20 minutes can purchase the 15 minute video on Return to Learn post-Concussion
5 minutes of “on-the-spot” TACT !

Cover your School-wide Return to Learn post-Concussion liability by training your entire staff using the Teacher Training video + TACT

What type of Return to Learn Training are you looking for for your staff?
Preliminary data on the TACT indicates that using the TACT in “real-time” provides robust training to our teachers. That makes sense with everything we know about adult learners – no one has time to learn about something that might happen down the road. We all live busy lives! So when a student with a concussion is about to drop back into the seat in front of us, the TACT will deliver 4 weeks of academic suggestions — to help the student continue to learn while recovering from a concussion – but it will also train the teachers in “real-time”.