Complete Return To Learn (RTL) Educational Resources

Being educators ourselves, we know what educational materials are needed for your classroom teachers and related service providers
Return to LEARN is the purview of the educator

  • How to use the TACT

  • The three common effects of concussion in the classroom

  • What to do when the concussion does not resolve within 4 weeks?

Tip Sheets
  • Lessons for the classroom teacher

  • Lessons for the related service provider


Teacher Acute Concussion Tool

  • Train your classroom teachers how to handle a concussion in the classroom “just in time” – when they get notified of a student in their classroom with a concussion – NO advanced or “face-to-face” training needed

RTL Lesson Plans
  • Tier 1 – for the Classroom Teacher

  • Tier 2 – for the Related Service Provider