Return to Learn is not an afterthought to Return to Play. In fact, a successful return to school and return to learn is essential BEFORE a student should be “cleared” to return to play. A very motivated student-athlete can help him/herself get back into the game as soon as possible by being a good self-advocate working closely with all teachers on an individualized, progressive and forward moving Return to Learn plan in all classes.

The Get Schooled On Concussions Return to Learn Lesson plan is a teacher and student friendly understanding of concussions supported by easy to read 1-page Tip Sheets. The Tip Sheets outline various practical classroom suggestions throughout Tier 1/Classroom Teacher and Tier 2/Related Service Provider levels of academic support.

As educators, we have seen the Return to Learn culture change happen in schools and districts. The common denominator to that change is a dedicated commitment to the empowerment of teachers, related service providers and administrators and the immersion of the entire staff in the understanding and responsibility of return to learn before return to play.

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