The majority of concussions resolve within the initial 4 weeks!

Ensuring that classroom teachers act quickly and confidently is the key to an effective Return to Learn classroom management protocol. The classroom teacher serves as your school’s Concussion Management Return to Learn First Responder and is pivotal in quickly and flexibly setting a student up for success after a concussion.

A robust Return to Learn (RTL) plan leads to a safer Return to Play (RTP)


Training every teacher in a comprehensive way using relevant, research-based information is fiscally and logistically difficult. Therefore, Get Schooled on Concussions has created an innovative, online tool called the Teacher Acute Concussion Tool or TACT. This online general education teacher curriculum (Universal Level/Tier 1) will help your teachers provide differentiated instruction to a student with a concussion in the classroom when they need it – just in time and in real time!

An annual subscription to the TACT allows your school’s designated RTL Facilitator to invite each teacher of a student who sustains a concussion to link to your own school/district account that will be activated by answering 7 or 8 simple questions that emphasize teacher factors such as:

  • How is instruction delivered?
  • How is mastery measured?
  • How is reading and technology integrated into your teaching?
  • What time of the semester is it?

The TACT is:

  • A customized concussion management email that is based upon each teacher’s unique responses about their teaching factors and is immediately delivered to the teacher’s inbox outlining recommendations for environmental and academic content adjustments.
    • Recommendations are based on clinical, research-based and/or best practices approaches to concussion RTL management.
  • A series of individualized teacher emails (1 time per week for 4 weeks) that will continue to arrive at the teacher’s inbox with additional RTL support recommendations geared to support the student’s needs in the classroom, while building the teacher’s RTL capacity.
  • Get Schooled on Concussions Tip Sheets are included with each email as attachments. These Tip Sheets are geared to support student recovery and are used by schools nationwide for concussion management.

The TACT will:

  • Impart relevant information in real time to classroom teachers – at the time of the concussion
  • Build:
    • Teacher knowledge
    • Teacher confidence by helping them adjust their classroom expectations to meet the needs of students struggling with concussion
  • Focus on delivering teacher education (versus focusing on collecting student data) allowing for HIPAA and FERPA compliance
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