Brenda Eagan Brown, MEd, CBIS directs a statewide brain injury school consulting program, is an adjunct professor at The George Washington University, & is currently obtaining her doctorate at Johns Hopkins University. She is published in the field of concussion in schools, presents nationally/ internationally, and has served on expert panels for both the CDC & IOM committees. She spearheaded the development of the Return to Learn Concussion Management Team Model in her state, training over 1,300+ school district academic focused concussion teams since 2013. The program she runs was featured in the Wall Street Journal. She is also the also the sibling of a severe TBI survivor.

 Brenda Eagan Brown's Publications

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Karen McAvoy, PsyD is a dually credentialed clinical and school psychologist. After 20 years as a school psychologist in Cherry Creek Schools, she left the district to write mild/moderate/severe TBI policy for the Colorado Department of Education. She is the author of REAP - a Community-Based Concussion Management Protocol and is now the Director of  a concussion clinic in a large metropolitan Hospital for Children. Dr McAvoy is well published on Concussion Return to Learn (co-author of a seminal article in the field) and speaks nationally and internationally on the topic.